In 2006 a group of entrepreneurs from Napoli decided to give new life to the Emilio Schuberth maison.  The mission of this venture aims at giving a new and modern style to Emilio Schuberth, but always keeping in mind the original identity of the brand.
The E.M.I. group looks at social and economic changes that has affected the world and it welcomes new stimuli and ideas. In fact we are always opened to new fashion trends, to new brand ideas and to change our products to new society needs. With the same determination we want to protect our distinguishing features: history, high quality and elegance.
The headquarter of the Maison Schuberth is Napoli. In this wonderful city  we have the style office, where the ideas regarding the products and the style are born. After the ideation we cooperate with some of the best Italian tailors in order create our products. Finally, we presented our collections in Milan, Florence and Venice. This is what for us means "Made in Italy".

Nowadays, the brand produces three lines in order to wear the Woman in each glamour occasion.

Emilio Schuberth                (Prè-Couture Line)
Emilio F. Schuberth            (Haute Couture Line)
Emilio F. Schuberth            (Wedding dresses)