Welcome back Schu!

Emilio Schuberth perfume

He was renown as ‘il sarto delle dive’ (the divas’ tailor), ‘the image of luxury’ and he used to walk around in his coffee coloured car dressed up with many accessories making his style unique. Another interesting fact about Emilio Schuberth is that his nickname was ‘Chic Schu Scia’: Chic as the woman he was dressing, Scia’ as princess Soraya and Schu as his most successful porfume. Memorable as his creations, unforgettable as the women who loved him, after 50 years ‘shu di Schuberth’ is back.

Schu is a trip into a dream of a woman, She must feel adhored as a Goddes, loved as a diva, beautiful as a princess and desired as every woman would like. Luxururious and sexy like the spirit of the years of ‘la dolce vita’ with its main characters and its unconventional behaviours. A golden era who Schuberth was the fashion interpreter who set the basis of the Italian ‘Alta Moda’ . He loved the women that used to dress and the Schu fragrance used to be the expression of that love spread in all the glamorous events. Today is back! As a gift to the woman that deserve to be loved: Bentornato Schu!


Coquillage is fresh and energizing as a sea wave, lots of energy that brings all the senses together in a joyful vitality. It is an eou de parfum young and funny who inspires the joy of life recalling the Neroli, The peach and the green mandarin. The playful hart flowrish in the smells of Tubercolosa, Gelsomino and Narciso.


Memorable as his creations, unforgettable as the women that loved him, coming back after 50 years: Schu!. The First fragrance of Emilio Schuberth. Schu is a trip into a woman-s dream adhored as a goddes , loved like a diva, beautiful like a princess, desired as every woman would like. The concept of luxury, sexy and glamour that belonged to the ages of ‘La dolce vita’ , its main charachters and its unconventional behaviours. A golden period for fashion and Emilio Schuberth has been a key interpreter, loved the women by dressing them with his divine creations and dedicating them a unique perfume: Schu. Today the fragrance come back.

Modern and contemporary the opening flavors are the Angelica, Artemisia and Anice Stellato, precious in the heart of a garden full of Ylang Ylang, Gigli Bianchi and in the royal sensations of incense and myrrh, to fly away with the senses of the wood, Vetiver, Agar and Gray Amber. The feeling left behind should be an atmosphere where the women feel loved


Taffetas is the explosion of the senses, is a sublime silk flavoured fabric that land on the skin, is a soft cover that cover the body, is the smell that defines the style of the ideal woman that Schuberth was immagining in each inch of her shape. A frangrance that opens with the leaf of the ficus, Galbano, Saffron, Geranio, Rose, Giunchiglia and White pepper. Additional flavours are the Patchouly, Veriver and Moss.